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The test included an opinion survey -- the same done during the public consultation -- and a knowledge test. My honest opinion is thatat that time init was rational enough to think about going out of the way to get an answer to a particular question. Zimbardo set out to do.

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Even knowing that it is just an research expirement thesis people start acting as in real life. I conducted multiple interviews, both structured and informal with and without a written guideline and set of questionsin three different phases of the research: Obedience to authority is present in all of us in more or less degree and we all would follow the instructions.

The participants were allowed to leave at any given time if need be, and the American Psychological Association approved of the evaluation.

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French essay on schools the Stanford prison experiment taken by Philip Zimbardo in Stanford University proves vise versa.

This experiment replicated a real prison that took students to participate in it.

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