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Even it is a same piece of music, it will convey different message, a different sentiment and it is totally dependant upon the message that its creator wants to convey. Further, I consider it essential that respondents would be at least exposed, albeit in the space of a few sentences, with the two sets of positions, in however bowdlerized a form.

Music is said to affect the intellect of humans in several different ways.

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Interpretations Colin Radford claims that only people confused by philosophical theories about the emotions would say that the response to sad music cannot be sadness. To return to the larger question framed by this essay: Great work and high quality support - thank you, guys!

The music stirred something in me. I really did not know how write them, but I have come across on this site and they saved me.

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If you are feeling particularly sad about a reality in your life, listen to a song that connects you to that emotion. If you are anxious, turn up the volume in your living room and dance around.

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