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But ask your instructor, as it is possible that he or she is interested in your personal experiences with religion, especially in less formal assignments such as response papers. Because trying to avoid the first person can lead to awkward constructions and vagueness, using the first person can improve your writing style.

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If you start using them all the way through, your essay will be in danger of losing its academic style. If I tried to avoid first-person pronouns, my sentence might read: To most people, this sentence sounds better: For example, you may want to use them in the thesis statement in the introduction to give your opinion: This handout will cover some of the major issues with appropriate language use: Summary So to sum up, it is ok to use personal pronouns in essays for IELTS, helping people in need essay don't overuse them as it may start sounding too informal.

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Anyone who wants to go to the game should bring his money. In all but strictly formal uses, plural pronouns have become acceptable substitutes for the masculine singular.

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Preserving certain old buildings is important for several reasons. Give students their papers as soon as they are finished.

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Here are some examples of effective ways to incorporate personal experience in academic writing: As a college student, you should realize that this is a rule that can and should be broken—at the right time, of course. This is true, but IELTS is not the same as writing an essay at university or writing a research article for a journal.

Positioning yourself in the essay: So you may personal pronoun to give an example from your own country, or even your own personal experience if it is relevant. In our study of American popular culture of the s, we explored the degree to which materialism characterized the cultural essay. Personal belief or opinion is generally not sufficient in itself; you will need evidence of some kind to convince your reader.

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For instance, in philosophical arguments, writers often use a real or hypothetical situation to illustrate abstract ideas and principles.