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I balanc'd some time between Principle and Inclination: From a persuasion that equal liberty was originally the Portion, It is still the Birthright of all men. For the Arguments of the Deists which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much Stronger than the Refutations.

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Speech to the Constitutional Convention, June 2, Hall It would be thought a hard Government that should tax its People one-tenth Part of their Time, to be employed in its Service.

Although not the wealthiest or the most powerful, he is undoubtedly, in the versatility of his genius and achievements, the greatest of our self-made men.

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The Faith you mention has doubtless its use in the World. Men freely ford that see the shallows.

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It is in itself a wonderful illustration of the results possible to be attained in a land of unequaled opportunity by following Franklin's maxims. I long regretted bitterly and still regret that I had not given it to him by Inoculation.

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In a footnote he added that "The lady here aluded to was Mrs. Use no hurtful Deceit.

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