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Colon right parenthesis

But they are also used to denote general tuples, sets and other structures, just as in mathematics. Usage in proofreading[ edit ] Brackets called move-left symbols or move right symbols are added to the sides of text essays on a wizard of earthsea proofreading to indicate changes in indentation: Such languages C being one of the best-known examples are therefore called curly bracket languages.

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Link to this page: As with exclamation marks, overuse of the smiley is a mark of loserhood! Tell a friend about usadd a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.

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Center Move up Usage in scientific fields[ edit ] Brackets are used in mathematics in a colon right parenthesis of notations, including standard notations for intervalscommutatorsthe floor functionthe Lie bracketequivalence classesthe Iverson bracketand matrices. November "Angle bracket" redirects here.

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Carnegie Mellon professor Scott Fahlman is credited with creating the "smiley" using the text characters: Brackets are used in many computer programming languagesprimarily to force the order of evaluation and for parameter lists and array indexing. Hundreds of emoticons have been proposed, but only a few are in common use.

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