Sythesis items Synthesis (Final Fantasy IX)

Sythesis items

Synthesis upgrades by Rank[ edit ] Novice - Occurs on Day In order to create a PanelRoxas must have all the ingredients required, as well as enough Munny to pay the Moogle to make it for him.

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The item item will only be available after synthesizing the first Obtain 30 or more Twilight Shards. See "Random Results" for what happens if the game does not resynth that item.

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Note that the Vendors run around like crazy when their HP gets lower, so it gets harder to get to the front of them to use the Reaction. Wayward Stairs middle sectionMansion: Chasm of Challenges, Cave of Wonders: After synthesizing 3 items of one set, the next set will become available.

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There's no other trick than to kill more. Obtain all types of Twilight materials.

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