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The type of supporting evidence should be based on the topic of the essay: If you won the lottery and could only donate the money to charity, which cause would you choose and why? Ban abusive language in elections.

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What are the most important extracurricular or community activities? Dads are more fun than moms.

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Traveling makes you more open minded. Should nuclear power be used?

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Is the practice of euthanasia a defensible one? Religious conflict must be avoided. Let me help with elaborating on proper blueprints and outlines for every occasion, about possible issues, themes, subjects.

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Why you should take a vacation every year. Evaluate a significant experience, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

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Revisionist history is dangerous. Getting your audience invested emotionally can go a long way in persuading them to see your perspective, and getting engaged with your paper.

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How is the degree necessary for the fulfillment of your goals?