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Raising awareness among all management levels and staff of the harmful effect of violence and the required actions to reduce it. The unsatisfied employee takes out his anger against co-workers and supervisors.

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Techniques for security program may include employee photo identification badges, guard services, and individual coded key cards for access to the premises. Ezzedeen Date of Submission: Individual and Social Implications Employees who are the focus of a violent attack or who witness a violent attack may develop a variety of emotional reactions to the fear and anxiety they experienced Anonoymous, Everyone knows that at night some neighborhoods are sample essays ged exam violent and dangerous, thus we restrain from going out when it gets late.

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In fact, physical assaults and murders are actually the leading causes of job-related deaths. Just as the name suggests, workplace violence happens while at the workplace and it can be a variety of things.

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Violence in the workplace is considered a social problem because it represents a global social pattern from which millions of people worldwide suffer. Attacks can happen whenever services are rejected, whenever a client is involuntarily accepted, or whenever a healthcare employee tries to set limitations on consuming, drinking, or even tobacco or alcohol consumption USDOL, Pre-Employment Screening that includes working out special pre-employment screening techniques that would provide full information about the possible employees.

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Workplace violence can be divided into four main types that are: People can read reports of violence in particular workplaces and decide not to work One of the groups of workers that has an increased risk of workplace violence are the workers who exchange money, deliver passengers, goods, or services.