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As a social entrepreneur, He is Founder and President of stickK.

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Early visit Legend has it that as a young lad of 17, John Ostell had visited Montreal, assessed the situation, and went back home to England to take surveyor and architecture training.

As a student he was very capable.

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George Bernard, livery stable keeper, submitted for inspection and approval or disapproval, models of two-wheel carriages, said to be an entirely new principle. The north-south street just east of Blinkbonny is Bleury, and the intersection at the lower left is Bleury and Ste Catherine.

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MMI founder, the Rev. Inthe result of a hot spell and poor municipal planning, a terrible fire broke out, which destroyed 1, homes in Montreal, along with the Hays Block.

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Alexander Skakel, schoolmaster, prepared to deliver first of a course of essay about euphemism to MIM members on 12th March at his own rooms.