Breast prosthesis fitters sydney about Lily

Breast prosthesis fitters sydney

If you are purchasing a prosthesis from an internet site, it is important to remember that you may not be able to have it fitted properly by a specialist fitter.

Leila O'Toole "Inspiring confidence and providing comfort" Leila O'Toole is a breast care salon specialising in fitting beautiful quality bras, breast forms prosthesisand swimwear following all kinds of breast surgery, including mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction.

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You may also like to let the security staff know before you are scanned oedipus the king essay outline that they can be sure to treat you discreetly. Some organisations offer a mobile service where they bring a variety of breast prostheses to you, so you can try them in the fitter sydney of your home.

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Maintain your active lifestyle with a contemporary swimsuit featuring the most advanced fabrics together with great coloured prints, styles and fantastic silicon swim breast forms and light weight alternatives. From exquisite, feminine lingerie to stylish active sports bras, at Leila O'Toole our extensive range is fashioned from the very best fabrics and our expert fitters will ensure that your choice is perfect in style, comfort and support.

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You may also ask to speak to a supervisor at the screening point if you wish. Established for over 40 breasts prosthesis, we offer the most extensive range of post-operative breast care products and accessories in New South Wales, including Amoena, Anita and ABC Providing a dedicated and personal service, our fully qualified specialist fitters will help you choose the right product in discreet and comfortable surroundings.

Overseas travel Airport body scanners will detect external breast prostheses because the prostheses are external to your body.

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