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He has a red bandanna around his head, and as he begins to perspire in the humidity, his face turns the same color as the bandanna.

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These are special places given either to high-ranked players who entered after the six-week deadline but are desirable to have in the tournament because they're big stars like Ivanisevic, essay play tennis six in the world but a notorious flakeroo who supposedly "forgot to enter till a week ago" or to players who ranked lower than eighty-fifth whom the tournament wants because they are judged "uniquely deserving. Federer As Religious Experience.

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With a focus on original research and the use of primary sources, students are encouraged to look to their own communities in finding topics for their essays.

I could not meaningfully exist on the same court with these obscure, hungry players. For me, watching McEnroe don a blue polyester blazer and do stiff lame truistic color commentary for TV is like watching Faulkner do a Gap ad.

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