1 4-diphenyl-1 3-butadiene synthesis from benzaldehyde Experiment 42: A Wittig Reaction of trans-Cinnamaldehyde

1 4-diphenyl-1 3-butadiene synthesis from benzaldehyde

Be as specific as possible in the contrasts of the two.

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Triphenylphosphine reacts with an alkyl halide in this Wittig synthesis to yield a phosphonium salt, which in this reaction is the benzyltriphenyl phosphonium chloride. This is important because the benzyltriphenyl phosphonium chloride acts as the phase transfer catalyst, moving the glide to the organic layer where it can react with the cinnamaldehyde.

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Why do you think the product you obtained, rather than another isomer, is the major product of the Wittig reaction? Draw the 3 possible isomers of the product, 1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene a.

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Specifically, how is this catalyst involved in today's experiment? Compare and contract Aldol condensation and the Wittig reaction.

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A phase transfer catalyst pulls a compound from the aqueous layer of the organic layer.