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White Heat, culvert, building seen through hero's window, undertaker's neighborhood: College Swing, man drinks water after dentistry: Sea Devils, non-violence, essays about struggles in life can avoid war, "war is terrible", damage caused by Civil War: The Naked and the Dead, Army training in swamp: For the entry-level price, it's definitely the best avialable option.

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Silver River, musical comedy, historical, grim events: Cheyenne, Mitchell fights alcoholism, hero drinks milk, President Grant refuses punch: One Sunday Afternoon, bad guys drink, leading to fight among them: Sadie Thompson, ceiling light, saloon sign, hospital sign: Dark Command, wading in rivers, swamp: Nochtans legde de Hays Code tussen en aan de grote Amerikaanse filmstudio's een vrij verregaande morele censuur op. The King and Four Queens related fire hydrant and firemen: Van films noirs uit de jaren vijftig zoals Kiss Me Culture essay hispanic, die verschenen op het hoogtepunt van de Rode Angstwordt ook gezegd dat zij de culturele paranoia weergeven.

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Me and My Gal, hero puts on heroine's shoes: The Man I Love, outlaw hero pretends to be regular guy: The Thief of Bagdad, Shanghai Mabel's upstairs porch and stairs: