Photosynthesis important ethanol industry CO2 Increasingly Important to Ethanol

Photosynthesis important ethanol industry

These same natural "technologies" can help point the way to the design of new, faster, and more compact computers, and even to new medical breakthroughs.

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Many of the strong markets in the U. A recent review of the algal biohydrogen area including hydrogenases and omic studies.

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Microalgae, functioning as photocatalysts, can potentially use photosynthesis to directly convert water, CO2, and sunlight to a variety of different fuels without going through an intermediary biomass stage thanks to Al Darzins and Eric Jarvis at NREL for this graphic.

The smallest possible unit of a material is a molecule made up of atoms of various types.

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In addition to the grain-based ethanol industry, second-generation biofuels promise to become a new carbon dioxide source. Covers many areas of plant biomass treatment.

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Nothing could be further from the truth.