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In the end, Malthus is best remembered for his contribution to Darwin's evolutionary theories than for anything else.

Multicellular rhizoids anchor the gametophyte to the substrate.

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Birth control programmes were instituted to control the population so as to eliminate starvation. The capsule is often covered by a calyptra, which is the rear window essays remains of the archegonium.

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The ginkgo is multibranched, with stems that are differentiated into long shoots and dwarf spur shoots. Nonvascular plants Definition of the category Informally known as bryophytesnonvascular plants lack specialized vascular tissue xylem and phloem for internal water and food conduction and support.

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During the depression of the s, the debate changed somewhat because the birth rate fell sharply in industrial western nations. Sooner or later, a shortage of resources must bring the increase to a halt.

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