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Character traits essay

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There are a number of classic archetypal characters used in fables that are broadly recognized and associated with particular human traits. For a guide to making sentence-level edits, go here.

The only exception is Wiglaf, son of Weohstan, who quickly jumps into battle to aid his lord.

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Read back through your fable in its entirety and verify that all the pieces are in place and work in harmony. Like the previous battles Beowulf character traits essay behaves like the Hero, with one striking difference. Wiglaf, howver, although the new Ruler is destined for hardships since he lacks the sheer strength which would make him a true hero.

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His courage, therefor, comes entirely from his belief that he has done good in the eyes of the lord. Here is where you analyze the character by presenting your conclusions and supporting those conclusions with examples from the story. Some examples of famous fable morals to help inspire you include: Establish the setting and the relationship of the characters to the setting, which should be an easily recognizable place that's directly tied critical essay weapons on campus the events of the story.

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As when choosing the moral and the problem, choose a setting that will be simple and recognizable to most people.